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4/17/2022: Ladies of the Lake July 16, 2022 gathering is at 51561 35 1/2 Street. starting at 10:00 am (on-shore event. Directly west of Maple Isle). Bring a dish to pass.

3/11/2022: Last Day to Register Today is the final day to register online for our 2022 CapCon. If you have not yet registered for our premiere legislative event, you can still do so online until noon today. But we also will have onsite registration available at CapCon, which is taking place Tuesday and Wednesday at the Lansing Center in Lansing. Click for More Information

5/13/2021: Spring 2021 Newsletter

7/16/2020: Four Zebra Mussel Myths

5/14/2020: Algae on South End - 2020

4/11/2020: What Riparians and Boaters Need to Know, Michigan Executive Order No. 2020-42

9/27/19: Health Alert: EEE Spraying

9/27/19: EEE Spraying Map

9/25/19: No 2019 Drawdown

There will not be a drawdown of Maple Lake this year. As anticipated, the DNR has concerns about doing the drawdown in November for the safety of amphibians and turtles as they enter hibernation. It is too late in the year to move forward with a drawdown in October because there has to be a 10-day notice prior to a public hearing on the application and then another 10-day period before the permit could be issued. This would put us well past the time we could commence the drawdown in October. We respect the expertise and knowledge of DNR and EGLE staff and their care for the lake and wildlife that inhabit it. We also respect every person's right to be heard through the public hearing process. We are still seeking a permit and expect for the public hearing to be scheduled in the near future. However, there is simply not time to acquire a permit for a drawdown this year. Please feel free to contact the Village with any questions or concerns.

Sarah Moyer-Cale
Village Manager
Phone: (269) 657-3148

9/14/19: DNR Drawdown Request

9/1/19: Drawdown Report - 2015-2019

9/1/19: Maple Lake Preservation And Improvement Committee Report - 2019

1/25/19: 2019 JANUARY Michigan Waterfront Alliance E-Newsletter

11/05/18: Yard Waste Littering Notice

7/29/18: A second round of treating for weeds will occur. Click to view the treatment areas.

7/23/18: On Wednesday August 8th 2018 the Van Buren Conservation District in cooperation with Van Buren County Farm Bureau and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, is hosting a Fruit Field day. The fruit field day will showcase various practices fruit farmers can adopt for their farm, including row middle management and pesticide container recycling. There will also be discussions regarding what it takes to be come MAEAP Verified as well as opportunities for Cost Share through NRCS. There will be demonstration with a rain simulator showing how different types or row middle management is affected by 1 inch of rain.

Again the field day is on 8/8/18 from 9am to 1pm, there is no cost to attend and it includes a free lunch. We ask that participants RSVP by 8/1/18 for food ordering purposes. Participants can RSVP by email at or by phone at 269-657-4030x5

7/20/18: We'd like to thank our weedboat volunteers for their time spent running the weedboat this summer! When you see them out there ... give them a wave but not today, the boat is in the "shop" and should be back on the lake by next week.

7/19/18: Special Assessment Letter to Paw Paw Township

6/18/18: MLSA June Newsletter

5/16/18: MLSA May Newsletter

5/14/18: Michigan Clean Water Corps

5/1/18: Michigan Lakes and Stream Associations - Goose Deterrent Program

4/25/18: Help Save the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) and the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program !!!

3/14/18: Briggs Dam Updates Photos
The emergency spillway is essentially completed. Once the contractor is able to get a crane on site, they will start reconstructing the earthen dam. Attached are some photos of the new emergency spillway and the surrounding area that I took today that I wanted to share. Remember, this is still a construction site and is NOT open to the public yet for safety reasons.

Sarah Moyer-Cale - Village Manager

2/5/18: Drawdown Impact Study

2/5/18: Briggs Dam Updates

2/5/18: Briggs Dam Update Design

1/26/18: More Ethanol In Ontario's Gasoline Could Mean More Algae In Lake Erie
From FreshWater Weekly
As part of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Ontario may require suppliers to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 5 percent to 10 percent by 2020, and our sister organization Freshwater Future Canada teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to caution against this approach.
A similar mandate in the United States caused significant environmental harm due to increased demand for corn-based ethanol. In the US, 40 percent of the corn crop grown now goes to produce fuel rather than feeding people or livestock. To take advantage of a rise in the biofuel industry, farmers have converted more than 7 million acres of native prairie, rangeland, and forests into cropland. They have drained wetlands, and applied more fertilizers and pesticides to maximize production. The runoff pollution from these chemicals has serious impacts on water quality, as we know from the rise of toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie.
Freshwater Future is hard at work on both sides of the border protecting Lake Erie, and we’ll keep you informed of opportunities to take action.

1/16/18: Briggs Dam and Parks Updates
From the desk of Sarah Moyer-Cale
First, the Village Council will reevaluate dam breach mitigation options at a workshop session at 6:30pm on Monday, January 22nd at the Paw Paw District Library. During the regular meeting session (which will commence at 7:30pm the same evening) they will deliberate and public comment will be accepted.
Secondly, the Village has been selected to receive a Recreation Passport Grant from the MDNR totaling $61,500 for the construction of a universally accessible boat launch on Maple Lake. The grant will also allow us to install natural shoreline, update lighting at the park, install recycling bins, and create accessible parking spaces. Frank Walters was kind enough to write us a letter of support for the grant application on behalf of the Maple Lake Association and we are very grateful for the support. I am confident that the project will greatly benefit the community by providing more people with access to recreational opportunities on the lake.

12/22/17: DNR - Aquatic Invasive Species Program

11/17/17: DEQ Water Quality Results

11/01/17: Briggs Mill Dam Update

10/26/17: Briggs Mill Dam Update

10/18/17: Briggs Mill Dam

7/21/17: MLA Algae Bloom Report
This report addresses MLA members' concerns regarding the July Algae Bloom Outbreak

7/20/17: Algae, A Naturally-Occurring Phenomenon
A basic introduction to lake algae prepared by the DEQ

06/22/17: Michigan's Newest Invasive Species - The Flowering Rush

Remember to watch out for Flowering Rush, it is blooming right now and is one terrible invasive species you don't want on any of our lakes! If you happen to find it anywhere, please take a photo of it and report it either on MISIN,, or, at the VBCD directly.

AJ Brucks
Executive Director
Van Buren Conservation District
1035 E. Michigan Ave. Paw Paw, MI 49079
(269)657-4030x5 (office)

06/14/17: Paw Paw's PP River Project -- A Winner

Good morning all,

Good News! I have been advised that the effort we all undertook and supported to implement best management practices upstream of Paw Paw and reduce sediment and nutrient loading in the Paw Paw River has received the 2017 Graham Woodhouse Award.

The Graham Woodhouse Award was established in 1987 to honor former Dowagiac Mayor, Graham Woodhouse and is presented annually for projects that exemplify intergovernmental cooperation by local units of government. Any local unit(s) of government may be nominated to receive the Award in recognition of demonstrated outstanding cooperative effort in problem solving. The Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee will review all nominations. The criteria used in evaluating project nominations include:

* Relative Degree of Effort by Local Units
* Scope
* Methodology
* Project Dimension/Partners

As I learn more about the Award presentation I will keep you all advised. A copy of the application I submitted is attached. Below is the email notification I received.

I have provided names and contact information for the Village, A.J. and Colleen, Joe Parman, Kevin Haight but could use help with the EPA and MDEQ names and contact info as well as the Farm Bureau and local farmers/landowners.

Attached is the GW Application as submitted.

Larry Nielsen, Manager
Village of Paw Paw


Your submission for the SWMPC’s 2017 Graham Woodhouse Award was the winning project. I was delighted with the excellent submission and the reception it got from the SWMPC board. The project is extremely deserving of the award. We plan to give the award at our July SWMPC Board meeting. The nature of the award is such that there are a range of partners that deserve recognition. We want to make sure that the right individuals are invited and recognized. We like to provide a plaque to each organization in recognition. Would you please help us identify the right people in each organization? Where there are multiple individuals, we are happy to invite them all. I would like to ask for as much help as you can provide regarding email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and mailing addresses. Here is the synopsis of partners that I culled from your application:

* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (grant funds)
* Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
* Village of Paw Paw and related committees
* Van Buren Conservation District
* Van Buren Drain Commissioner
* Maple Lake Association
* St. Joe River Association
* Van Buren County Farm Bureau
* Private Farmers and Landowners

Again, congratulations for the wonderful project and submission.

John Egelhaaf
K. John Egelhaaf, AICP
Executive Director
Southwest Michigan Planning Commission
376 W. Main Street, Suite 130
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
269-925-1137 x 1512

Larry Nielsen, Manager

05/05/17: Waterfront Overlay District

Learn more about the Waterfront Overlay Disctrict, what is it and why you should care!
Frequently Asked Questions
Map of the Overlay District

9/23/16: Japanese Knotweed Symposium.

10/16/15: Also new, you may begin paying your membership dues on line. All major credit cards are accepted. Click to pay your 2016 dues here.

10/15/15: Just a reminder ... with the leaves falling now, please do not rake leaves into the lake and do not burn them on the shoreline. We need to be good stewards of our lake.

9/22/15: The 2015 Maple Lake Draw Down will commence on Oct. 5. We recommend you pull your boats out prior to that date. As the lake level lowers, please walk your shoreline and look for clams. Frogs, turtles and the like will find deeper water before hibernating. Clams cannot. If you find any, please throw them into deep water.


Looking for pictures of wildlife that frequent the lake. We want to include them on the website (Galleries/Wildlife). Email them to WEBMASTER ... Thanks in advance!

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