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Maple Lake

Maple Lake lies in the heart of the Village of Paw Paw, Michigan. Downtown sits on the south end of the lake, where the East Branch and the West Branch of the Paw Paw River meet. From the north end of the lake, the Paw Paw River continues its run all the way to St. Joseph/Benton Harbor where it joins the St.Joseph River before flowing into Lake Michigan.

Maple Lake was created by the Village of Paw Paw by erecting a hydropower dam 27-feet high in 1907 on the north side of the lake. Maple Lake is 172 acres in size and has a maximum depth of about 15 feet. Depths can vary over time because the flow-through system acts as a sediment basin. The deepest areas are associated with the old river channel.

Fishing on Maple Lake is excellent all year long. Our fish species include: perch, bluegill, catfish, bass, northern pike, walleye and carp. Bring plenty of bait!

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Maple Lake Association
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